Gogul Ilango Music Usage Guidelines

Music | 07 January 2022

Before reading this post, I highly encourage you to check out my summary as I create content in YouTube apart from my full-time job and I come from a middle class family.

You’re probably here because you listen to my music covers on YouTube. During my YouTube music journey, I regularly get comments from viewers regarding using my music covers for their video.

Music that you hear in my channel are not 100% copyright-claim free as I do not own any of the original composition rights. As I upload my music covers to YouTube, they are registered to YouTube’s Content ID to protect my work.

You might get a copyright claim (NOT a copyright strike) if you use my music in your video.

Good to know

A cover video that I create involve lots of time + energy + effort + money spent on hardware equipment [Mixer, MIDI controller, Laptop, Studio monitors etc.,] + money spent on getting original software [Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plugins]. You might have already understood creating these high-quality video + audio isn’t cheap it you come from a middle class indian family.

I created this YouTube channel because I love making music (especially music production and music arrangements). As I do this as a hobby only during my free-time i.e. in addition to my full-time job, these covers are a result of my passion towards music that I have from my childhood.

Hence, with your kindness and support (as mentioned in Allowed Permissions) section, you help this channel to reach more people in the planet who love music as you and me 😇

Allowed Permissions

You’re allowed to use my music covers in your video provided you do both the following.

  1. You must give credit to my YouTube channel https://youtube.com/gogulilangomusic in your video’s description.
  2. You must give credit to my YouTube channel name Gogul Ilango + channel URL https://youtube.com/gogulilangomusic at the credits section of your video.

Please note - You’re allowed to use my music covers in your video as background music only.

Strictly Prohibited

You should NOT do any of the following, else you will be in the risk of your video being REMOVED or possible LEGAL ACTION being made by music publishing companies, music labels and/or owners of the original composition.

  • Reuploading my original cover videos on YouTube and other social media platforms (Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Tik Tok etc.,)
  • Uploading my original cover video’s audio to music streaming platforms (Spotify, Amazon Music etc.,)
  • Using my original cover video/audio commercially on Television, Radio, Official Trailers and Films.
  • Removing my name in my original cover video and reuploading on YouTube and other social media platforms (Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter, Tik Tok etc.,)

Audio Streaming

I use Soundrop as my digital distributor for my cover songs digital distribution to audio streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music etc., They have excellent documentation about cover song licensing, digital distribution process, artist tips, music production etc., in their blog which I highly recommend for reading.

In case if you found something useful to add to this article or you found a bug in the code or would like to improve some points mentioned, feel free to write it down in the comments. Hope you found something useful here.